Our precious Lauren Elise:
Your Heart, Your Legacy, Our Mission! You are not only the namesake, but the inspiration for this foundation. Your beautiful life and loving spirit continues to do much for so many. We couldn't be more proud of you! We miss you, we love you, and we will see you again!

The Hilsheimers, Cercys, Harneys, Becrafts, Schaudts, Krismers, Morgans, and our many supporters:
You have been a our constant support through the excruciating despair of losing a child. Your support, insight, and dedication provided us with the strength needed to get LEMF off the ground. We love each of you!

Jeff Krismer (Resident CHD Survivor):
We couldn't tally the hours and late nights you have spent working as our Marketing Consultant, Website Designer and Developer. We know you love Lauren dearly and this hasn't been easy for you. Often times you refer to LEMF hours as "Lauren Time" - we love that about you! We love you Jeff, and can't thank you enough!

Kathy Mears:
You have taken LEMF under your wings for the past 4 years. Your dedication and countless hours spent creating a beautiful space to honor Lauren on event night, being our host and corporate sponsor each year, gathering donations, and advocating for LEMF - there are not enough words to thank you. We love you and appreciate your kindness!

Katie Harney:
LEMF would just not be where it is today without you. Late nights at our home, hours in front of the computer, wrapping packages, offering insight....and calming your sister in times of desperation. You are our rock. Lauren could not ask for a better aunt! (Thanks also to your husband for "loaning" you to us!) We love you!

LEMF Fundraising Committee:
Most of you have been with us since day 1, attending meetings, soliciting donations, and quite frankly being the backbone of this organization. Without the hard work and persistence you volunteer - LEMF would not be able to provide amazing grants to fight CHD! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Jessie Dewey Photography:                                                                                                                                                      Each year your generously donate your time and talents to capture the beauty of our event! Thank you for your constant support and contribution to LEMF!

Our Board of Directors:
Thank you for committing yourselves to guide this organization towards fulfilling its mission. This ship is at sail, and we are proud and honored to have you as the crew!

Those who have donated since the beginning:
It is only with your support that it was even possible to get to this point, plain and simple! Thank you for your past support, as well as your continued support in the future.

All of those who will hold us up and support LEMF as we move forward:
Those who will attend our events, make donations and contributions, volunteer, and help us behind the scenes. Your help is vital to us, and we thank you in advance for your support to ensure that Lauren Elise Memorial Foundation is a success in continuing the fight against CHD!

Most importantly, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:
We know it is only through Him that we are sustained and will spend eternity with our precious Lauren.